Friday, June 15, 2012

Back in Bama

The whole family made the cross country trek from California to Alabama. There were no injuries, beatings, fights or ejections from an airplane. We made it safe and sound, but probably not sane. The past three days we have been blessed to be with Gann family. They are incredible friends and blessings to our lives. We have made the trip to be part of the wedding for Bryan Lobue and Deborah Gray. What a great story of God's grace and redemption being lived out in humble love. God reminding each that He is the source of life and love as they have grown more into HIS life and will. Tomorrow will be a great celebration of what God truly has brought together. We are looking forward to being with our families after this weekend. For now, it is great to be together and enjoy the celebration of Bryan and Deborah's marriage.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Tonight we celebrated the first High School Graduating class of Gold Country Church. I am so amazed at how things have progressed in the past fourteen months since we have been in Auburn. We celebrated the graduation of fourteen students tonight. These are all incredible young people who have so much to offer the world around them. As a church community it was amazing to be able to invest in the celebration of these young men and women. Our message is simple: You will always have a place that cares for you! Thank you to our Shepherding couples for loving these young people and providing for tonight. Thank you to those who gave their energy of serving tonight so families could enjoy a great meal. Thank you to the parents for allowing us to love on your teens. I love my church! God is doing incredible things!