Tuesday, June 4, 2013

People are people.  People long to be loved, valued, and encouraged.  People can be viewed in a variety of ways.  Usually by the way we view and treat others we have that returned.  In our lives, the Kelley family has been blessed with amazing people from literally across the globe.  We are humbled, amazed, and honored that so many have poured love and value into us. 

Tonight was a terrific example of that love.  What I have seen our leaders do for others in the past two years, we were the recipients of tonight.  They gathered in our living room, shared food and conversation and then gently laid hands and prayed over us.  There were kind words of affirmation, petitions to our Father, and blessings spoken over us. 

So many don't know that kind of church community.  So many long for that very thing.  We have been blessed by it for many years of ministry.  We have and are giving our lives to helping others experience it!  Tonight was a reminder of why that truly is the biblical, life giving, loving and Spirit filled model of leadership.  People loving people with a love that originates in God and transforms others!  We are grateful to be among that kind of people!