Tuesday, January 31, 2012

left, right, and up the middle

I am weary of political adds and statements. The left does this or the right said that. I am thinking that God is looking at His Kingdom and saying you know those words I spoke in Matthew 25 and the rest of my book, I meant that. The Kingdom of God is to be light to the darkness, love amidst the hatred, peace instead of chaos, unity overcoming division.

The left and right need to lay down their verbal weapons and embrace the move of God. I realize there are those on either side who don't care for nor acknowledge the reign of God. But I'm speaking to those who do. We should be lifting the burdens and leveling the ground the community lives on.

Let's live as Christ and love those who the world has given up on.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


I love the book of Nehemiah. So much there for us to really understand what it means to see the hurt in people's lives. Nehemiah longed to see his "city" as it should be not as it was. What a great vision for all Pastors and Leaders. Nehemiah counted himself in with the people and together they were used by God to redeem a city.

Rebirth, renewal, rebuilding, repentance, the list is pretty long of the experiences they were part of. Week three of "Building Community one brick at a time" tomorrow. When you look at your city what do you see, Problems with potential or just problems?

With God all things are possible!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I love having my daughter and granddaughter in town for a few days. It is a great reminder of how strong love is even though I haven't seen them in over four months. God was so gracious to allow us the pleasure and pain of feeling, giving and receiving love. To not love, even when it hurts, is to miss out on too much. The possibilities with love are overwhelming.

I have no idea how God wired us, but man is love not the deal? I am in awe of God's gracious and lavish love. My heart is full. It is full of joy and sorrow, peace and pause, pain and freedom and yet I wouldn't trade it. I am so in love with my wife and kids. I am learning daily what it means to be in love with God and His people.

Don't hold back love. Give love as you have received it from the Father!

Monday, January 16, 2012


I am thankful for those who have given themselves for the betterment of others. I have been blessed to have relationships with people who championed causes. The thing about those men and women is that they lived their heart. They put into practice the change and effect they longed for.

Today, many will paste quotes and speeches as a way to mark the day honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Great! But instead of just pasting quotes and videos, lets live with passion and sacrifice so that the generations that follow will have heroes and pursuits that are worthy of following. Not that we lift ourselves, but rather we lower ourselves as servants of King Jesus. Let's not limit the impact of those like Dr. King to one day, but rather each day live fully engaged in the will of God.

I have friends like Dr. Al B. Sutton, who continue the practice of proclaiming hope and change in places like Birmingham Alabama. Dr. Sutton's ministry continues pursuing equality and relationship among rich and poor, black and white, educated and uneducated. Each day he has to live that desire. Let's join that. So go ahead and paste your quote. But then don't forget to live that quote today, tomorrow and the next day!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

the week ahead

Pretty crazy that we are already at January 11th. I mean, didn't we just unwrap presents? Wow, time is passing quickly. I am laying out the week ahead and realized the week ahead is half over. So much happening that it is hard to keep track. I am pausing to thank God for family and friends and the ministry HE has called me to.

In the frantic pace of life right now it is easy to miss the blessings right in front of us. Let's slow down long enough to embrace the family and friends and opportunities that are so very close to us. I am thinking it will give perspective about the week ahead. No matter what is on the schedule, it is not as important as the people on my schedule.

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good. HIS love endures forever!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I met a young man when I first moved here that I absolutely love. Nick has walked a hard road. He has been battling addiction for many years and yet, God has sustained his life. He made a decision a couple of months back to enter teen challenge and fight his addiction. Our church has been loving on and walking with him in his journey. He gave his life to Christ and is on the road to healing and wholeness.

I love the fact that Nick and others like him feel safe and welcome at GCC. It is in loving and accepting people with the Grace of God that lives are transformed and relationships formed. It is the way of Christ and the call of the church.

Nick was allowed to come back for the weekend to see his terminally ill grandmother. He was with us on Sunday at church. As a church we prayed over him. It was so incredible to see so many come and lay hands on him and speak grace into his life. Please join with me in praying for Nick and the many others that need so desperately the love of Christ that gives life!