Sunday, October 30, 2011


So much fun this morning at GCC!  Gregg Redmond put together a very diverse group to lead worship today and it was just amazing.  The Spirit of God was overwhelming and what an amazing sight to see a gym full of people worshiping the Risen King!  Wow!

There are those moments when we recognize it isn't about us and we abandon everything but God.  When we experience those times it is so refreshing and convicting.  Crazy how we love those moments but even more crazy that we keep trying to make life about us which keeps us from those moments.

Looking forward to more of what we experienced today!  Wow!

Monday, October 24, 2011

what a year

This past weekend marked the year anniversary since Jennifer and I felt God's leading to plant a church in Northern California.  We returned to Birmingham and met with our leadership to seek their guidance and prayers.  Two and half months later we felt the confirmation to make the move.

We began an incredible journey that has taken us over twenty five hundred miles from our families, resigning a church we had been through major change with, walking away from a comfortable salary and really good friends.  Tonight we sit in the midst of a move of God in Northern California.  We have made and are making good friends and have been given the opportunity to invest in the lives of people in Auburn California.  Who would have thought it possible????

God is so good and faithful.  The transition has been relatively smooth and we are most definitely busy ministering.  I am working with/ married to the most beautiful, Spirit filled woman imaginable.  I am humbled and amazed at this new season of our life, but even more expectant at how God will work next.

The events of this past year have happened at warp speed with no sign that they will slow down now.  My friend Larry Espedal messaged me the other day with a great sentiment about our lives...  He said, "Let's spend the rest of our days swinging for the fence"...  Oh man am I ever in Larry.

October 23 Gold Country Church Sermon - “Thirty Days to Live”

October 23 Sermon - " Thirty Days to Live "
October 23 Sermon – “Thirty Days to Live” - Craig Kelley

October 16 Gold Country Church Sermon - “Thirty Days to Live”

October 16 Sermon - "Thirty Days to Live"
October 16 Sermon – “Thirty Days to Live” - Craig Kelley

Monday, October 17, 2011

another amazing weekend

Jennifer and I love working with the Tres Dias Community both in Birmingham and Northern California.  This past weekend we had another amazing weekend.  It is a great environment when we don't make it about a slant of Christianity nor a particular set of practices, but rather focus on the one thing that matters.  The one thing: Jesus Christ!
I love witnessing unity, grace, love and service.  The Holy Spirit speaking into men's lives and bringing a greater awareness of the Kingdom of God.  The hope now is that legalism nor apathy will set in.  The opportunity to live out the grace of God daily, moment by moment is right before us.  Each day is an opportunity to live differently in a world that needs a fresh expression of love.

Monday, October 10, 2011

we are nearing an anniversary

Hard to believe this time last year we were getting everything ready to come to Northern California from Birmingham to help with the first Northern California Tres Dias weekend.  Jennifer and I brought our three little guys (3 yrs old last year) for a eventful ten day trip.  It was in the course of that ten days that God laid on our hearts to consider moving to Northern California and planting a church.  To say the least this will not be a anniversary that will slip by.  Now a year later we are in the midst of our seventh month of a new church, in a new city, in a new state.
And this week starts Northern California Tres Dias retreat #3.  How can it already be a full year?  So much has changed and happened in the past year.  We have left behind the familiar and been left by the familiar and at the same time embraced by the new and watching God do what only He can do.  So, Happy Anniversary to Jennifer and I for the opening of a new adventure in the lives of the Kelley family... What a year!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

the week ahead

Jennifer left this morning to attend the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta.  We have made that trip for nine years, but this time I am sitting out.  With so much happening here in Northern Cal I need to be here.  This will be a great time for Jennifer to be challenged Spiritually and be away from her mom duties.  I on the other hand am taking on those mom duties for the next four days.  Lord help us all!

So how much trouble can six guys get into without the wife/ mother in town to monitor?  Should be interesting... anyway, the week ahead will be fun and exhausting.  Such is the life when you are blessed with this many kids!