Thursday, March 24, 2011

the dream team

I went down the hill today with my Autistic son's class on a field trip.  The destination:  the Galleria mall in Roseville CA.  I'm not sure, but I would say special education teachers may be the most remarkable people alive.  My son Jon and his class had an amazing day exploring.  They were taken to different types of stores and allowed to "shop" and sample what each store held.  I don't really know how to describe the experience of watching the delight they each had in getting out today. 
Jon's school offers children like him real life skills that prepare them for what comes after high school.  These students run a smoothie business in the school that sells anywhere from fifty to a hundred and fifty smoothies a day.  The proceeds from this business allow them to go on field trips and explore what we all take for granted.  They experience life in such a different way.  In all honesty, I wish I could see life in their line of vision a little more often.  They don't see people according to perfection or beauty.  They see people; just people.  Because Jon refers to me as "Father", a young lady in his class also addressed me as "Father".  It was just as natural a conversation as could be.  I was blessed by her.  Humbled may be more accurate. 
As we are in full swing of planting this church and ministering to people, it is a great reminder that ALL people need to experience the presence and love of Jesus Christ.  By seeing people sans the identities we assign them, God will use us to remind them the value HE has assigned to them.  By value I mean how much He cherishes all people. What I had envisioned as going to be a majorly frustrating day, God turned into a lesson in how to see people.  Alexis, Jon's friend, treated me as her equal and reminded me I am called to do the same.  Thank you Alexis for the kick in the teeth...  Hopefully next time I won't need the dental work reminder.


  1. I miss Jon punching me on Sunday mornings, I miss your boys running down the aisle after church, I miss sweet Jennifer encouraging me, and I miss you ministering to me. I miss, I miss, I miss...

  2. I miss Jon sitting with me on Sunday mornings. Thanks for the plug for those of us who are special ed. teachers also. We do love our 'babies'.