Monday, October 10, 2011

we are nearing an anniversary

Hard to believe this time last year we were getting everything ready to come to Northern California from Birmingham to help with the first Northern California Tres Dias weekend.  Jennifer and I brought our three little guys (3 yrs old last year) for a eventful ten day trip.  It was in the course of that ten days that God laid on our hearts to consider moving to Northern California and planting a church.  To say the least this will not be a anniversary that will slip by.  Now a year later we are in the midst of our seventh month of a new church, in a new city, in a new state.
And this week starts Northern California Tres Dias retreat #3.  How can it already be a full year?  So much has changed and happened in the past year.  We have left behind the familiar and been left by the familiar and at the same time embraced by the new and watching God do what only He can do.  So, Happy Anniversary to Jennifer and I for the opening of a new adventure in the lives of the Kelley family... What a year!

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