Monday, December 5, 2011

another anniversary

This past Sunday marked a full year since we did our first preview service to explore the possibility of planting a church. I flew out here last year to look things over, talk with people and see what would happen if we were to plant. I can remember walking in the Sierra Building at the Gold Country Fairgrounds and wondering if anyone would show up. We hadn't advertised and only the Core Group were talking about it.

We found a worship leader with a few days to spare and did a very simple service. From that first preview day up to today, God has allowed us to minister to people from this area. I was amazed that almost ninety showed up that day and even more amazed at the amount I see each Sunday now. I say amount because I have no idea how many are there because I don't count. Our desire is to be a church not focused butts and budgets. We are following a relational discipleship model that enables and equips people for ministry.

A year later we aren't doing preview services. We are inviting people into a worship experience that encourages them to live the way of Christ every day and to love others passionately. We are witnessing what so many have prayed for! We are living life and loving it!

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