Tuesday, September 25, 2012


We are on the countdown.  That could be any number of countdowns, but one main one that has us all consumed.  One more sleep until mom flies home from Tennessee!!!!!  Yes, I am way more excited than the kids.  No, I'm not ready to dump the kids and run.  I am ready to see my wife.  She is my co-minister, co-parent, co-counselor.  She is the part of my heart and life that God gave and knew I needed so desperately.  She is the reminder of grace in my life.  She is the beauty in beauty and the beast.

The kids are so excited because she is mommy.  She is nurturer, nurse, and homework guru extraordinaire.  She gives great kisses and hugs and picks out outfits that match.  She snuggles them, cuddles them, and understands them.  No they haven't been neglected, abandoned or abused while with me.  Rather, they have been loved on, protected, well fed, and held.  But, they know they need and want their mommy. 

As matter fact, no matter what age you are, mom is always mom.  Dad should always be dad.  We should have an affectionate place for the parents who gave us life.  Not all of those are biological.  Many, like us, are adoptive parents.  No matter.  Love for a child is love for a child and we most definitely love our children.... all seven of them! 

So we are on the countdown.  Mom is coming, mom is coming.  We're ready!

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