Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanks a lot

How is it possible that we are three days from celebrating Thanksgiving 2012?  While I love this time of year, I am a little ill prepared for it to already be here.  Oh well, can't do anything now but get with the spirit of the season.  So thanks!  Thanks a lot!   That would be thanks to an abundance of people who have touched, challenged, blessed, enriched, and walked with us in this life. 

So many people have invested in our lives and allowed us to invest in them.  Thanks a lot!  We have so many friends.  We have great family.  We have been blessed to be part of incredible churches.  Thanks a lot!  As a Pastor, many have trusted us to walk with them in difficult seasons.  We have been there when many have been married, buried, and baptized.  Thanks a lot! 

Our parents have sacrificed for us to have what we needed to move forward and serve God.  They provided a system of love that taught us you can always go home.  Thanks a lot!  Our kids are reminders of God's provision and grace.  They were all gifts to us.  They may at times be challenging, but life is more full with our challenges.  Thanks a lot! 

God has redeemed us.  He has turned our worst days into opportunities to connect with others and live grace.  God has trusted us with His word and His people.  He has shown us time and again that His Holy Spirit is alive and speaking to us daily.  God continues to overcome our mess and offer His love to us and the world.  Thanks a lot!  It isn't much in the grand scheme of things.  Thanks seems so small.  Thanks seems so inadequate.  So, Thanks a lot!

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