Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I took a ten week sabbatical from writing.  I needed to focus on some pressing matters as well as not make public things happening in our life.  Not bad things, just things that couldn't be publicized at the time.

The biggest and most awesome of events over that time was the adoption of our beautiful baby girl!!  Hattie Belle Kelley came into the world June 19th and has absolutely owned me ever since.  To be truthful she owns all of us.  The boys are as in love with her as Jennifer and I are.  We have been greatly blessed with her presence in our family. 

Two weeks ago, life came to a screeching halt.  While riding into work on my motorcycle, I had an Chevy come over on me and create a life altering situation.  By the grace of God I am alive.  My body is broken up but it will mend.  I received incredible care from the moment of the accident; a nurse was in the car behind me when the wreck occurred. I was wonderfully taken care of by the Trauma staff at Sutter Roseville Medical Center and have been nursed back to health by my amazing wife and kids.  My church family has provided food, support, encouragement, prayers, presence, and more during this time.  It has been absolutely incredible to receive the care from our village.  From the adoption to the accident, Gold Country Church has literally met every need.

So let me use this first day back writing to just say thank you!  Thank you for allowing us to experience the love of Christ through his people.  Thank you for continuing to live out the love we planted this church on.  Thank you for once again proving the church, when it is working is a compassion incubator.  Thank you for the way my family has received what Jesus intended.

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  1. Craig,
    So thankful for your adoption and your protection during the wreck. I love seeing babies of that Cali girl with a southern name on facebook! Blessings to you and Jen!