Wednesday, November 20, 2013

For the past twelve weeks, we as a church have been walking through "The Story".  "The Story" is a chronological telling of the narrative of scripture.  It has been a great study so far and has inspired many to read the Bible for the first time.  This past week, in looking at the Regret of King David's life, the following statement has rolled over and over in my mind.  "It does no good to die for love if you won't live for love."   King David after hearing the news of Absalom's death, couldn't be consoled and cried out, "my son, Absalom, I would that I had died for you"...  2 Samuel 18:33

David is overcome with grief for the death of his son. Te problem is while Absalom was alive David wouldn't bring himself to restore their relationship.  The story is complicated.  David's oldest son Amnon rapes his sister Tamar and David does nothing about it.  Absalom vindicates Tamar's honor and flees for fear of his life.  David has to be talked into letting Absalom return home.  Here is the kicker.  David wouldn't look him in the eye and talk things out and bring restoration.  David wouldn't call him son.  At least not until his death.  Then David wishes he had died for Absalom.

But what if David had just lived for Absalom?  What if David had acknowledged his failings and worked to restore the relationship?  What if? What if?  We will never truly know.  What I do know is that I meet with families all the time that talk about loving each other and being willing to die for such and such, but at that moment their not willing to live for them.  Decisions today that bring health and healing into relationships are more important than end of life statements that suggest you may die for someone.  Live for them now.  Live in Truth.  Live in Faithfulness.  Live in Compassion.  Live in Righteousness.  Live in love!  You won't have to say you'll die for them.  They will know!

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