Friday, September 23, 2011


One of the toughest tasks for me in this church plant is in developing church leadership.  It is among the biggest decisions that need to be made.  As a process, we are in the early stages.  Seven months in to the plant, we are now at the early stages of sharing with the church our view of church leadership.  This Sunday I will talk about a Shepherding model of leading.  It is a very different view from what most have experienced with a CEO model or a board of directors.

Shepherding is the biblical picture of providing nurture, care, teaching, reconciliation, Spiritual feeding, prayer, and other relational ministry characteristics for the church.  I am hopeful of what this model will facilitate in Northern California as we live it out.  Of course as with anything, it has everything to do with how our people respond to the implications of the gospel.

God is doing an amazing work here in the foothills.   Relationships are being restored, ministry is happening as people love on others, sacrificial service is being poured out, and people are gathering together to study and pray.  It is a time for Leadership to enhance, not get in the way.

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