Sunday, September 25, 2011


Well GCC survived their first day of me talking about our Shepherding model of Leadership.  The response was positive and it presented many opportunities to pray over people today.  The thing that was really exciting was seeing different groups of people gathering together and praying over situations and people in need.  I was honored to pray over several as was my fellow Pastor Mike.

The desire we have is to provide safe pasture for people to explore faith, find healing, and connect with other believers.  Safe pasture means:
    relationships with fellow believers are deep and restorative
 worship flows, not from techniques but from hearts communing with God 

  the Gospel’s promises are not carrots used to attract people, but experienced realities that bring hope
Jesus, the Great Shepherd, shows up in Transformative ways that the corporate ceo approach can’t produce             
  we are authentic, transparent, and committed to loving our community as we first love the God who formed and     
  redeemed us
God is doing a great work here in Auburn CA.  The challenge is to not get in HiS way and quench the Spirit's work!

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