Sunday, August 12, 2012

Finding the right words...

One of the hard things about ministry is looking into the eyes of the hurting/ suffering/ struggling people who just want an answer and you know there isn't a good one.  I know there are answers.  But I'm not up to offering church talk, religious jargon, or trite slaps on the back that promise it will all be alright. 
I met one of those people today.  He was hurting, angry, desperate, searching, frustrated, and tired.  Looking into his eyes I saw the struggle I have seen so many times before.  People are looking for hope and help.  The person I met today fits that well.  I was reminded again that ministry is a sacred trust where we participate in God's work in the lives of his people. 
It is not up to me to fix or say the perfect thing.  It is my calling to be there, be present, be compassionate and help them see that they are not alone. 
My calling is the same as your calling.  We aren't called to defend God or try and figure him out.  Our challenge is let God's work be evident in our life so others can see his work in their own.  His work may be different from life to life, but it is all generated from his deep and profound love for us.  Let God's love speak for itself.  God is really good at saying what needs to be said.

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