Monday, August 27, 2012

I love this time of year.  College Football is ready to kick off, the temperatures are starting to drop, high school football has begun, school is back in session, did I mention  that school is back in...
I am excited about what we experiencing at GCC!  Worship and study are going great!  People are finding ways to serve others!  Small groups are forming and relationships are developing!  Christ is being exalted!  So many things are happening that I can't keep up and the beautiful thing is that those are happening because of the engagement of others! 

The sad thing is that marriages are still in trouble, drug use is crazy bad, people are feeling hopeless, and suicide is prevalent.  I am no dooms day person, but we live in a hurting world.  I love the change of seasons, but hurt doesn't seem to wait on a season.  People everywhere are hurting.  For all the craziness, we still find ways to distract ourselves amid the chaos. 

Over the next few weeks, I want to be more equipped to share hope with others, to speak love instead of hate, to offer help rather than scorn, to seek unity rather than division, to find good rather than seeking the evil, to be for rather than be against, so I can move deeper into the life of Christ.  I want to enjoy the right things, find my peace and contentment in God, and be grateful for family and friends.  I want to encourage other ministers from different churches so I can strengthen the body of Christ in its fullness.  I want to love at all times and all times of the year. 

So what do you want??????

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