Tuesday, October 23, 2012

There are difficulties in any relationship.  As humans, if we are involved there will be bad decisions, mistakes, misunderstandings, and some extraordinarily good times.  It just seems to work that way.  There are ways to improve our relationships and I believe the church needs to be a primary resource for the community.  It's not that we have all the answers, but rather that we live in honesty with reality and seek to grow and improve our relationships at every opportunity. 

We are working to bring my friend Joe Beam to Northern California in early December.  Joe has been a Pastor, motivational speaker, redeemed son of God, father, grandfather, as well as a guy who has given his life to helping couples find life in their marriage.  I am excited to have him come here and share with this community. 

Joe's ministry, Beam Research Center, provides an intensive weekend encounter for couples who are in trouble.  Their success rate is phenomenal.  It isn't magic, but solid, practical, Spirit led, researched, and well delivered help.  As a Pastor, I have sent over a dozen couples to his intensive weekend and they were all positively impacted. 

Joe has been featured on programs like; the Today Show, Good Morning America, Dave Ramsey, and many regional radio shows.  I feel blessed to have a close relationship with Joe and his family and be able to host him here in the Sierras.  I will be posting more information as the schedule firms up.  If you are within driving distance, this will be well worth your time on the road.  Mark your calendar for Saturday December 8.  http://www.JoeBeam.com.

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  1. Wish we could make the trip to hear Joe! SO much good information.