Friday, October 19, 2012

Two years ago yesterday, God spoke two words that at the time I didn't understand, but within twenty four hours would be crystal clear.  While praying from "Iron Point" as I looked down over the Foothills, I distinctly and clearly heard, "Welcome Home".  Unsure what that meant, I kept those words to myself.  The very next day, Jennifer had the burden of planting a church in Northern California laid upon her heart.

Two years later, Jennifer is on the same campground, with the same amazing lady (Alice Higginbotham) by her side, praying for the movement of God in the lives of women.  I shouldn't be surprised that God would put those two back together on the same campground, serving along side each other, on the same weekend two years later.  

I took my five boys up on the mountain yesterday and we praised God for His creation and work in our life as a family.  I am so grateful to talk about God stories with my boys.  We celebrated His work in our life.  So amazing to hear my kids on a mountain thanking God for people and things in their lives.  Two years... can't believe it has been that long, but it doesn't seem that long. 

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