Wednesday, December 12, 2012


There is never a shortage of decisions to be made in Leadership.  Being part of a life giving, relational ministry allows for those decisions to be made in connection with other leaders.  I am thankful our model isn't a top down, one man show.  It is "easier" in the short run, but more problematic in the long run. 

Most of those decisions have to do with people.  Good people wanting to do things, needing help with things, having made bad decisions.... on and on it goes.  In the midst of it, I have to keep asking God to rule in my heart and mind.  Those in authority have to be under authority.  In doing so, leaders are in a right frame to lead by following. 

Too many want to appoint themselves as leaders and take up positional authority.  They promote themselves and their ideas and their ability to teach.  They are constantly seeking an audience to listen to them so they can fill their own need.  Positional authority has great limits.  Relational authority on the other hand, shows our greatest influence isn't self promotion, but rather self-less service. 

Look around and see the relationships your leaders are developing.  Are they self-serving?  Are they protecting themselves from others having relational authority in their life?  Are those who are clamoring for leadership always the ones who have to be heard?  Leaders set the pace by serving, loving, caring, developing, sacrificing, and leading!

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  1. You're one of a kind Craig! I miss & love you. Fred Peatross