Saturday, December 29, 2012

Exploring what it means to be weird versus normal.  Of course normal is a loaded term.  Different people have different definitions and understanding of what normal is.  For some, normal is chaos and pain, while others have a normal of peace and health.  Obviously normal can and does change as seasons of life change. 

For Jesus, normal was being misunderstood, sought out for his power, threatened, challenged, accused, approached, avoided, and everything in between.  The disciples went from a normal of fishing, tax collecting, working to walking behind, being amazed, confused, dazed, bewildered, scared, to bold, focused, and on and on... 

What used to be weird i snow normal and the old normal is now weird.  But then again, that's the way it has always been.  Jesus didn't come so life could/ would be boring.  He came to give a better life, which in many ways is a difficult life, but better nonetheless.  Normal was for the first to be last, the greatest to be least, to take up a cross daily, deny oneself, serve and love others and find ways to help those in need.  That normal is really weird, but in a good way.  So we should be weird and let that be our new normal. 

I'm not referring to odd, quirky, out of touch weird.  But the kind of weird that goes against the flow and stands out rather than just fitting in.  Hmmm... this is going to be a weird sermon series...

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