Monday, January 7, 2013

weird the new normal

Getting ready for the third week in our new series, "weird the new normal".  Yesterday was a difficult day.  This past week was a difficult week of preparing to speak.  Preparing to speak involves so much more than reading bible, books, articles, etc....  It involves asking yourself tough questions about your own life.  It involves difficult introspection.  It involves confession of failure, repentance and accountability to move to a better place and it involves the willingness to be vulnerable with the people you are sharing life with.

As we discussed getting in to a healthy rhythm in our lives yesterday, I could see in Jennifer's eyes that look of love.  She knows it is my struggle to work too fast, too long, too....  But she loves me...  She has a kind and firm way of calling me back to a healthy rhythm.  She doesn't manipulate or demand, but rather out of her own love for God and desire for things to be in rhythm and healthy her way draws me back. 

Rhythm is key to being in balance.  It is not always easy to choose balance, but it is essential.  Let's keep moving our lives toward the rhythm of God's drum beat in our lives.  Walking in step with His Spirit and leading is always the right pace, the right direction, the right way.  What beat are you walking to?

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