Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I'm dizzy from trying to keep up with all the banter back and forth about what the Scriptures say and don't say, how we are supposed to view passages and the ones that don't mean what they used to... I'm weary with fancy writing and pundits playing to the crowds of how their ideology is obviously way of the culture. 
I'm weary hearing who is for and who is against all the latest and greatest.  I know that there are really impassioned pleas and discussions taking place.  I'm all for dialogue.  But I'm just weary with the arguing and jockeying for position and power.  The body of Christ looks too much like the confused and weary culture it is supposed to be light to. 
I need to remind myself that my place in this is to sell out to Jesus and live his truth and mercy.  I can't love the people more than I love the will of God.  The will, mercy, heart, mind, grace, and passion of God has to be my motivation for loving others.  If I love people more than I love God, then my life is going to devolve into a circular movement of frustration and disappointment.  I will end up feeling lost in a sea of chaos. 
By focusing and getting back to loving the will of God it is possible to rightly and compassionately love others.  God has to be focus. God has to be prominent.  I die to self and take up his cross and daily follow.  As I follow, I love.  As I love I am obedient.  In being obedient I serve.  In serving I worship.  As I worship I follow.  And as I follow Him, I love others.... Look, I'm not dizzy anymore!

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