Monday, April 15, 2013

I received a text yesterday from a friend who was in Boston to run the Boston Marathon.  I along with several other friends received a call to prayer for his body as he prepared to run the next day.  He was experiencing pain and wanted to be able to finish.  I, along with others, prayed for God to take away his pain, protect his body, and allow him to run with the joy of the Lord covering him. I prayed that he and his wife would have a great time in my favorite city and that they would be safe.  

That is a usual part of my life.  I receive prayer requests throughout the day, pretty much every day.  I have prayed over situations like that countless times, probably too many times not focused enough.  Then today happened... again!  How many tragedies have to happen for us to take the plea for prayer and make it more intent and focused each day?  Like me, far too many pastors and leaders give fainting effort to pray over requests that don't really seem all that important to us.  I confess to my guilt on far too many occasions. 

Then today happened.  I texted and called my friend.  When I heard his voice I was greatly relieved.  I was even more relieved when he shared his wife was across the street from the finish line blast.  I thought back to my prayers for him.  I thought of the others that had and were praying for him.  I praised God that my two friends were well. 

We never know when our prayers for something so "simple" turn out to be so profound.  We never know how God will answer what we place before him as a simple request.  We never know when our loved ones need the covering of our prayers.  I, along with others  were praying for my friend to be pain free and be protected from his body fighting against itself.  Little did any of us realize God would answer those prayers in a far different way. 

1 John 5:15... and since we know He hears us when we make our requests, we also know that He will give us what we ask for.   What are you asking for?  Who are you asking for?  You never know when a today will happen...

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