Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

Today has been a good day.  But then again I say that about most days.  That doesn't say there haven't been plenty of challenges, but all in all I have far more than I deserve.  I heard from my daughters who are in other states, my boys all made me cards, and my wonderful, beautiful wife continues to love me.  What more can you ask?  
I was able to talk with my own dad yesterday for quite a while.  As the years go by, perspective and appreciation continue to become more intently focused.  My dad has been an amazing source of wisdom and stability.  He continues to be a very present and influential part of our life.  For that matter so is my mother.  It does sound weird though to hear those words, "Happy Father's Day".  I know what is intended. I realize it is a "hallmark holiday".  But each day I find myself thinking how happy and fortunate I am to be a father.  And yes, there are days where I think about how tough that is.  I think that is why each day brings the opportunity to find gratefulness for my children.  
This past weekend we experienced the great joy of celebrating our Chance's fourteenth birthday.  He is a sweet little guy that loves to talk and ride dirt bikes.  At the same time though we were reminded that his birthday is also the anniversary of our beloved nephew's death.  Alex was such a part of our lives.  So when I hear "Happy Father's Day" I am reminded that each day needs to be celebrated for the gift of children.  Life is fragile.  We are given a great responsibility and opportunity in being fathers.  
Don't wait for the "hallmark holidays" to express your joy for your father or your children.  I know today, I am grateful.  I am hopeful that will grow as tomorrow comes.

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