Sunday, June 12, 2011


Last night Jennifer and I sat on the back deck and talked about our transition.  I had spent the afternoon in bed with a fever, so being outside in the evening was a real treat.  Thinking through the last nine months was pretty revealing.  Last October we were overwhelmed with a sense God was calling us to leave what we knew and were comfortable with to move across the country and plant a church.  Now having been here for three and a half months it was a good time to discuss the transition.

The move has been fairly smooth.  Our kids have settled in well and are adjusting better than we had hoped.  We are making friends and investing ourselves in the local community.  Our Sunday services have been really great.  Our gatherings are very simple in format, but growing in depth and number.  There have been many opportunities to minister to various people and see others ministering in Jesus name.  We are both connected to powerful prayer groups that meet during the week.

We discussed events that disappointed us, challenged us, gave us hope, as well as organizational things we have to do.  It was really amazing having that discussion with my wife and teammate.  Her perspective and insight is amazing.  To hear her heart and desire about this church plant was a joy.  In all the reflecting that happened last night, none was more powerful than me reflecting on how blessed I am by Jennifer.  She truly is the reminder of God's grace in my life.  Far too many people in ministry don't have their spouse as their most intimate partner.  I was profoundly reminded that God called both of us to plant this church.


  1. It sounds like to me that everything that you said is God shouting that you are right where you need to be. We will always have a special place for you in our hearts but we also know that God has a plan for all of us. May all of us take time regularly to sit quietly and listen to God talking to us.

  2. Craig, I am continually reminded of how I "oukicked my coverage" and married way over my head. You are blessed to have Jennifer as your partner and God knew exactly what we both needed. The thing that still amazes me is that He loves us enough to take care of us in that way & provide a plan for us despite how I have failed Him. What an AWESOME God we serve! We love you & pray for you both every day.