Tuesday, June 21, 2011

old and new

I'm thinking back on nineteen years of ministry and amazed at how our lives have connected with so many different people.  In this new season of our life, the one thing that keeps coming up huge is relationships.  I love staying in touch with people and hearing how their journey continues to progress.  The story of God being lived out in individual lives is so profound.  When I think of the stories and people that have impacted my family and me it is really hard to take in.  Over the past couple of days I have had some great conversations with people from our past.  They inspire and encourage me, but also remind me of the challenge of remaining in touch.  These are people who live over two thousand miles away, yet in our conversations it is like they are next to me.

As we make new friends and experience new lives and new stories I continue to be reminded that relationships matter.  It matters who you influence and who is influencing you.  I love that about ministry.  I  get to walk along side people as they walk along side of me.  We get to invest in each other and help promote growth and transformation.  Whether it is old friends or new friends, relationships matter.  Most people have six people who will carry their box when they leave the earth.  How many have six people who they can call day or night, good or bad and be fully engaged in each other's life?

The further we get into connecting with the community of Auburn California the more I see that is what many people are missing.  We have hundreds of acquaintances, but very few intimately connected friends that are fully invested in sharing life together.  I am grateful for my "old" friends and learning to love my new ones!

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