Sunday, April 22, 2012

Family Bike Ride

We had a great time at Folsom Lake today. Jerry and Karen Green put together a "Bike Ride" cookout for GCC. The weather was sunny and hot which was reminiscent of summer in Bama. It was great seeing people of all ages riding bikes and enjoying a fun day. Our boys had a blast. Thanks to Chris and Katie Sanderson for leading the little guys on a fun and tiring trail ride. There were several skill level rides and a great meal prepared by the Green's small group. Thanks! It is inspiring to see others put together opportunities for people to connect. The "Bike Ride" was great fun and I am certain it will happen again. I am also excited because this has spawned other ideas in people to "host" opportunities for people to connect. Last week there was another "Bike Ride". There was a group of motorcycle riders that connected and took a trip. There are so many ways to get people together and invest in others. I love that GCC is a church full of people with creative ideas that are focused on relationships.

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