Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter 2012

Today, as many took note of "Good Friday", the reality of Christ's crucifixion weighs heavy. The thought that man could not save himself is hard to deal with. As people who are fixers, we all want to handle our own stuff and not need help from anyone. The message of the cross, however; says we were hopeless without the sacrifice of Jesus.

In dealing with the somber and brutal reality of his crucifixion today, we gear up for the celebration of the empty tomb on Sunday. We celebrate because hope lives. All who have blown it in life, all who have been hurt, all who have doubts and pains and fears, all of humanity is welcomed to the celebration of an empty tomb. Death and hopelessness have been defeated. We live now with the reality of the Kingdom of God.

God has overcome and given us every Spiritual Blessing. I am looking forward to celebrating our second California Easter. I am excited about celebrating with new friends the hope we have in Christ. If you are in Auburn this Easter, join us at E. V. Cain as we encourage each other with the message of the finished work of Jesus Christ. He is Risen!

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