Friday, April 27, 2012

Like a good neighbor...

I am blessed once again to be part of a community that rallies around those in need. A parent from my son Chance's school died suddenly leaving behind a wife and six year old son. The school has stepped in and supported this family in their time of need. Our church has come to the aid of the family and is walking with her through the steps of beginning a new phase of life. I have been blown away with the gifts and assistance offered to this family. They aren't "members" of our church, but rather members of our community. In the spirit of honoring the way of Christ and being good neighbors, we have intentionally invested in the lives of those around us. We are truly blessed with the opportunities God has laid before us. Those opportunities include caring for the grieving, the orphans and widows, providing resources for marriages to heal as well as compassion for those in addiction. There are many other neighborly gestures being given to aid those in need. I love the heart of service and ministry that is being lived out through GCC! Like a good neighbor, the people of Christ are there!

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