Thursday, May 10, 2012

I'm sitting in my hometown thinking back. I'm not feeling nostalgia from the days of school and past glory. No, I'm thinking back on the well lived life of my Aunt Mildred. She passed away this week. I traveled 2700 miles to honor her and share in officiating her funeral service. If there has ever been a Southern lady of elegance and charm, Mildred Nelson was that lady. Her life made a huge difference to so many. She had a heart for people and serving. A nurse by trade, but devoted follower of Christ by choice. Aunt Mildred was one of the most consistent and committed followers of Jesus I know. In so many ways, her faith changed the stories of so many. Her passion and support for orphans and local church ministries was so beautifully lived out. She was fiercely devoted to her family. Her husband, my Uncle Earl, passed away two years ago. I was blessed to share part of his funeral as well. He gave his life to Christ very late in life. That as a result of a wife who kept living her faith in front of him and would not give up. So on day 2 of your promotion Aunt Mildred, I say I love and miss you! Give Uncle Earl a hug for me. We will certainly see you both again!

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