Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday May 15... How can that be? It is already May 15! School will be out soon, summer is here. I realize I'm not supposed to say this, but here goes, time is flying by. Life is moving at mach speed. There is no slowing down the clock or rewinding it. Life is happening and it is happening now! Fast! Here is all of our reminder to live. Don't miss out on life. Don't trade real life for a cheap imitation. Don't settle for a life that is shackled to things that destroy real life. Live free and fully engaged with Maker of the Universe. Real life to me involves serving others, not being attached to things that don't last, giving and receiving love, valuing friends and making new friends, aligning with the will of God and reflecting to the world the power of HIS love and goodness. Don't let the days keep passing you by at mach speed while you miss what is truly life. Life was given by the life giver (God) and it was intended that we would be life givers to others by the way we share His goodness with them. If the first five and a half months haven't been lived well, don't panic. Begin living fully in His presence and see the difference it makes!

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