Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I had one of those moments today.  You know those moments you aren't expecting but it just overwhelms you?  I was honored to spend time up at Camp Alta serving as a "Coach" for their I-FIT Camp.  I taught basic football skills and observed the kids competing in games.  The moment came this morning before my first coaching session.

I went to participate in their morning worship time and hear their speaker share the scripture.  Worship was led by a group of college age students from a Korean Church in Davis CA.  As the worship was really focusing on pleading with God to speak and stir our hearts, my friend called my attention to the young lady playing keyboard.  She was totally absorbed with drawing near to Christ and adoring Him... Tears just streaming down her face... It was, one of those moments!  One of those incredible, soul stirring, heart pounding moments.  To be part of the worship was a blessing in and of itself, but to sit and witness her passion and heart for God was...overwhelming!

For her to sing about not remaining silent and making much of God, realizing in her home country that is against the law and cause for being shunned, was sacred.  I found out later she is leaving for Korea next month to serve three years as a missionary/ English teacher.  It explained a lot about what she is preparing her heart for.

Isn't that just like God.  Send me up to camp thinking I'm going to do some coaching and then just crush my heart through the passion of a Korean Worship Band?  I love those moments when God turns the world upside down and makes things as they should.  I love those moments when we see our own heart through the hearts of others and realize we are all in desperate need of HIM.  I love when God gives us those moments to see Him.  I love when I'm reminded that God is huge and always at work.  I love when God uses those moments to draw me to Himself and reveal His glory.  Have you had one of those moments lately?  Tell me about it.........

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