Sunday, July 29, 2012

We are almost finished with the moving process.  That statement is loaded, pun intended!  Moving is exhausting, overwhelming, and far more than I could describe in a single post.  But it is also humbling.  To have people come and pack, load, unload, clean, organize, cook, lift, serve, build, fix, take apart, put together, wash, make up, and a million other things is just humbling.  I have heard it said that friends help friends move.  We have been blessed with so many friends in the course of our life and ministry.  I love this journey.  Seeing where God takes us, relationships we get to experience, learning from others as we help others.
In worship today I was reminded how much I have.  Scripture, song, seeing people worship and express themselves, hearing stories of God's work, praying with others and having others pray over me, and on and on it goes...  I was and still am exhausted from the moving process this morning.  I gained energy by just being with others this morning. 
We closed this morning with this thought, "Contentment is not the achievement of all that we want, its the realization of all that we already have".   

I am reflecting on that thought.  I know this.  I have too much stuff but never enough friends.

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