Monday, July 2, 2012

I took a two week vacation from posting while I was on vacation. I did my best to be present with my family and not too present with multi-media. Now that I am back from vacation I am also back to posting. We had a great time seeing both sets of parents, daughters and grand baby, as well as friends back in Alabama and Tennessee. It was a whirlwind trip that allowed a time away, but I am excited to be back home. Speaking of home... we are moving... from one part of Auburn to another. We have been blessed to live on this property for almost seventeen months. This move will give us a break in what we spend for living space as well as increased acreage for the boys to run. The church seems to be doing well. I don't know how you really know. I see more and more people ministering to more and more people. I am hearing stories of the impact GCC people are having as we love our neighbors. Lives are being transformed and the lonely are being placed in family so I guess you would say we are on the right track. I have grown leery of modern day measures of success... ie... the number of butts and how big is your budget. I am more focused on conversations we are having with others, opportunities to serve and care for people, introducing more and more to Jesus as opposed to another dose of religion that takes the life out of people. Yesterday morning around 6:30 I get a text from a friend. "You awake".. yes I respond... my phone rings and I hear, "here's what I'm thinking. Our neighbor is moving back from Colorado after being gone a year. How about we put together a flash mob to unload their moving truck"? I'm in, lets do it... We did... In 34 minutes a twenty four foot moving truck was emptied and a lady overwhelmed was on her lawn with tears. No sales pitch, no expectations, just a group of people loving on a neighbor. I love what we are doing here in Northern California! I love the people we are doing it with! I am looking forward to making more and more friends! I am excited that we get to put in a good word for Jesus and usually we don't have to say too much!

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