Saturday, February 9, 2013

So many good things happening but also a great many difficult things.  Walking with people through troubled marriages, addictions, pursuing faith, bitterness, and other difficulties, it doesn't allow a lot of time for writing, much less sharing what I'm learning as I experience life along side others.  There are days when it is truly overwhelming.  As those days press in, I find peace in being reminded that God is at work and I am just walking the journey He has for me.  It is a humbling reminder that as we love others,  He shines brightly and faithfully. 

I mentioned good things happening.  I'm studying and preaching a series with my good friend Pastor Cary Duckett of the Church on Cypress.  We are encouraging each other and have invited our faith families to pray over each church.  What a great way to inspire unity and be more aware of the Kingdom work of our friends from "down the hill".

In March, we are hosting a Seder Meal.  My friend Mike Maher will be coming from Alabama to lead our Passover feast and give instruction on the beauty of such a meal.  It will be a great time of worship, learning, welcoming, sharing, remembering, and serving. 

Not to jump ahead to much, but May will be incredible.  Margaret Feinberg, an incredible communicator, writer, disciple and woman of God will be speaking on Sunday May 5th.  She is in town participating in a conference Thursday and Friday and has graciously agreed to come share with GCC!  Among other things she has written, my two favorites are WONDERSTRUCK and SCOUTING THE DIVINE! 

So for now, we fix our eyes on Jesus!  He authored and perfected the faith we profess and pursue.  He endured the evil of mankind and overcame the cross and the grave.  He is sitting next to the Father, speaking on our behalf.  Whew....  I believe I can keep on going!

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