Tuesday, May 17, 2011

after the wedding

Last week, our daughter Nicole married.  That meant Jennifer going to Tennessee early and me following the next day with our boys.  Just a note of caution, these next words are therapy for me so don't be offended if you follow the ways of Dr. Spock.  Traveling with three four year olds and a thirteen year old revealed a lot about me as a father.  First, I think I only wanted to turn around and return to California about thirty times.  I then realized that wasn't a good idea because mom was at the end of the journey to Tennessee so I persevered.  Then I learned that three four year olds, cramped all day on a plane or confined in an airport is torture of the worst kind.  They are like bombs waiting to explode and I continued to detonate myself so as not to be arrested for abuse.  The poor cleaning people in Atlanta that are still trying to get the mushed down french fries out of gate 02 carpet all the while cursing whoever did the deed.  My apologies for a three terrorist french fry war that had no survivors.  The lady sitting there viewing our tribal rituals was extremely amused until I began restraining the cannibals.  She had that uncomfortable squirm about her.  I almost volunteered to loan her the three for the next flight.
Of course nothing could compare to the Circus that ensued at the Huntsville baggage claim.  It was late, everyone was tired, everyone except the three who were working off of delirium.  They effectively pinned down my friend Lee Jackson while they took turns running the people obstacle course.  I should have charged an admission fee for the entertainment.  Yes to say the least, it was an adventurous day of travel.  Did I mention that we were doing this because my daughter was getting married?  I kept reminding myself how much I love her and wanted to be there....
The wedding was beautiful.  Nicole was a gorgeous bride!  The wedding was held in Fayetteville TN at The Lodge at Gunter Hollow.  It was a really nice, peaceful place.  Until...
Needless to say the owner had to lay the law down on the three.  Not sure they really ever comprehended the law.  I loved being with Nicole for the wedding and getting to watch my grand baby for a few days.  I hated seeing the wedding end.  I knew that meant I had to fly back with the boys to California without Jennifer again.
Lets just say that the first part of Proverbs 31 was written for dads who travel with that many kids.
Now we are back and continuing or work of planting a new church.  Pray!  Pray for our ministry and the work of God.  Pray for our home in Alabama to rent or sale.  Pray for God to be glorified and heaven to touch earth.  And pray for there to be no lasting and permanent damage to my kids traveling five thousand miles round trip with their dad.

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