Saturday, May 21, 2011

living out what we know

I love to learn.  There are many different ways to learn.  While I am not bemoaning classroom learning, I have come to a place where all learning has to be put into action.  For those who know so much and expound on it so eloquently, there has to be a place where we just live out what we know.  To talk in theory about what works or doesn't work, to float ideas and possibilities, to debate isms and fads, at some point has to to be overcome with our lives walking out the faith we profess.

Too many are talking about that day, one day, when we get to heaven, etc... and not enough are living today!  The great goal of our faith is that Christ be formed within us and in turn we impact the people and places around us.  By having Christ formed in us we then participate in the divine nature and reach out and into people.

I am watching this happen in a strange environment but in a profound way.  There are some guys meeting each Wednesday in a local pub.  They have embraced people they encounter with genuine care and friendship.  A new friend they met a couple of months ago is now suffering through the tragic death of his teenage son.  They attended the funeral and have been supporting him with the love of Christ.  He was having a particularly tough day two weeks ago and showed up at the pub for one reason:  he was hoping that group of guys were there for him to lean on.  They carried his burden, cried with him and brought laughter into his darkness.  They are living what they know.  In doing so, they are practicing the presence of Christ to the world around them.

It isn't just a technical knowledge that we need.  It is the knowledge that Christ brought hope to the world by being present with the world.  He lived what He knew.  We do well to do the same!

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  1. had written a longer comment, but couldnt make it 'go', so I'll just say, "Thanks for the affirmation of what I have been thinking". ... Carl Agee