Saturday, November 19, 2011

fairy tales and crutches

So much of what we do is about meeting people.  We get to meet people from all walks of life and dispositions.  We meet those who have some belief in God, those who have a fair amount of belief and those who believe God is a fairy tale.  I met such a man a few days ago.

A man I have become good friends with has treated me to some rounds of golf and great conversation.  He is a former navy seal who has known his share of pain.  He is also a man of faith.  We played golf the other day with a friend of his who has no belief in, nor use for God.  It was fun visiting with him and hearing about his life and family.  I will confess though that I left feeling very sad.

His foundation for everything is belief that science explains everything and it is a cosmic mishap that brought us into being.  He has obviously been spoken to harshly by some along his past.  His demand that I need a crutch and have bought into a fairy tale was sad.  The world around us speaks of the intricacy of life and design of a creative God.  Their is great complexity and beauty all around.  In my humble opinion, far too much complexity and beauty for God to be a fairy tale.

I realize there is great mystery and things beyond my comprehension.  I don't fathom all the details of genetics nor bio-chemistry.  What I do understand is that in my life, God is the only answer to what I see as well as what I don't understand.  Scripture declares that the creation cries out of the glory of God.  By the way, I don't need a crutch, I need a savior.  His name is Jesus!  And that is no  fairy tale!

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  1. Amen to that Craig. My brother Martin has the same sad explanation and thinks the Bible is just a bunch of stories. He looks down on those of us who believe in God as naive. I will continue to pray for him though.