Friday, November 25, 2011

thanks expressed in giving

It is amazing how Thanksgiving is lived out.  There is traveling, cooking, eating, watching, visiting, sharing, talking, walking, planning, implementing, and a gazillion other ings.  One of my favorite is the art of giving.  So many give themselves to serve and help others as well as give food and money to provide for those who are in need.

Thanksgiving has become more known for the day before Black Friday sales than for an appreciation of our blessings, which by the way we have many.  Giving is an expression of thanks.  Giving is a way of telling and showing a heart of gratitude for what really matters.  I have been scanning the news feeds tonight reading of people getting assaulted while shopping on black Friday.  Really?  We have reduced ourselves down to pepper spray as an advantage to get an extra game, gadget or deal?

Our hearts are getting more and more consumed with food that doesn't satisfy and gifts that don't give back.  I desire to have a giving spirit.  I desire to give God my thanks while giving myself to serving others with the love of Christ.  How do you define thanksgiving in your own life?  I'm hopeful it is expressed in giving.

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