Tuesday, November 15, 2011

that time of year

Well it is nearing that time of year.  The time of year where stores bypass one holiday to get to another.  Where marketing gurus and advertisers come up with every way possible to get our attention.  The season where churches market Jesus and make sure people know "they" have the best angle.  We are nearing that time of year I dread.  

I love the attitude of giving and sharing, family, friends, and welcoming new people in our lives.  I want for my heart to not get lost in marketing and advertising.  I am hopeful that I enjoy with joy the season of thanksgiving and Advent.  The joy of sharing with another a cup of coffee and bread brings a smile to my heart.  How can we break the mold of "marketing" Jesus and just simply live out the joy of the Incarnate Christ within us?

Let's live thankfully by sharing gratefully!

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