Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I love having my daughter and granddaughter in town for a few days. It is a great reminder of how strong love is even though I haven't seen them in over four months. God was so gracious to allow us the pleasure and pain of feeling, giving and receiving love. To not love, even when it hurts, is to miss out on too much. The possibilities with love are overwhelming.

I have no idea how God wired us, but man is love not the deal? I am in awe of God's gracious and lavish love. My heart is full. It is full of joy and sorrow, peace and pause, pain and freedom and yet I wouldn't trade it. I am so in love with my wife and kids. I am learning daily what it means to be in love with God and His people.

Don't hold back love. Give love as you have received it from the Father!

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