Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I met a young man when I first moved here that I absolutely love. Nick has walked a hard road. He has been battling addiction for many years and yet, God has sustained his life. He made a decision a couple of months back to enter teen challenge and fight his addiction. Our church has been loving on and walking with him in his journey. He gave his life to Christ and is on the road to healing and wholeness.

I love the fact that Nick and others like him feel safe and welcome at GCC. It is in loving and accepting people with the Grace of God that lives are transformed and relationships formed. It is the way of Christ and the call of the church.

Nick was allowed to come back for the weekend to see his terminally ill grandmother. He was with us on Sunday at church. As a church we prayed over him. It was so incredible to see so many come and lay hands on him and speak grace into his life. Please join with me in praying for Nick and the many others that need so desperately the love of Christ that gives life!

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