Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day

Jennifer and I have never been "valentines" people. I realize that statement has people gasping. It is a day that is given to marketing and purchases that make no sense. Besides, I choose to express my love for Jennifer daily in a variety of ways. Obviously I don't do all I could, but I am confident that as we live our love daily neither of us need a day of marketing or hallmark to say we are in love.

People spend hurried moments trying to pick the right card while bumping into others after the same thing. I'm not opposed to giving cards nor in bumping into others. It is just a funny sight to go by a store in the afternoon of February 14 and watch procrastinators sifting through what's left over. Roses die, and boxes of chocolate add weight, but daily working together for the same goal and sacrificing for the good of our family lasts a lifetime. So, "Happy Valentines Day"! I hope you live the card you long to give your loved one.

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  1. Craig,
    I agree wholeheartedly. Yesterday, on valentine's day our minister came over to serve communion with Mom and Dad since they are shut in. It was a wonderful time of sharing and a very meaningful sharing of love, respect, and appreciation. I did learn one thing about valentines day though. St. Valentine was a real person in the 13th century, according to Pastor Morris. During that time women who were not wealthy could not get married without a dowry. It meant a life of servitude, and not ever having a husband unless someone could provide a dowry for this poor women. St. Valentine would provide such dowries as he could so they could marry.

    I thought that this was quite interesting. I do not have the direct reference, but you could probably get it from Pastor Terry Morse, First Presbyterian Church, Luverne, CA 56156.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I agree that life would be wonderful if everyday was filled with love and appreciation for everyone that is close to us and we love. Barbara