Monday, February 27, 2012

sitting by the dock of the lake

I've been in Birmingham serving with the Tres Dias Community. It has been an amazing weekend of watching the love of God give hope to men in need of Grace. I have been able to spend four days with my parents before the retreat and was blessed by that.

Right now I'm sitting on the dock overlooking the lake. I'm having good laughter, rest, and joy of watching the peacefulness of a secluded cove. As much "peace" as I am enjoying, all I can think of is seeing my daughter and grand baby then heading home to see my wife and boys! I am so blessed with my family.

I will trade the peace of this lake for the noise of my house. Serenity and peace can't be solely based on location. I am learning to find serenity in knowing my kids are close and safe and my wife is in love with me. I am blessed!

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