Monday, February 6, 2012

one brick at a time

I love conversations with people who are constantly thinking about ways to serve, grow, and expand the influence of God's Kingdom. I have had several today with a group of people who are serious about living as Christ.

The more I/ we as a church/ get into the book of Nehemiah, the more I see the value in people and effective leaders. There are many gifts among the body of Christ and all are important. The gifts we have been entrusted with must be used to build up others.

Our desire is to build community one brick (person) at a time. How are we going to live in such a way that our gifts give life and value to others? I would love to see your ideas expressed here!

1 comment:

  1. Live every day as if would be your last! And don't look at gifts as only spiritual but look at your life as a gift and what God has blessed you with and the abilities he has given you. If you have some extra money help that person who's car just broke down. Pray for the family who just lost that loved one or that person who is fighting for their life with cancer. Buy that cup of coffee or McDonalds for that homeless person. Lead worship, be a usher, be a honest business person. LIVE God! And yes we all fail but live God thru that also. Say your sorry, admit you were wrong, or said something you should'nt have. LIVE God thru all things and people will be drawn to Him.