Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Red Eye Recovery

We took the Red Eye out of San Francisco Sunday night and landed in the deep south Monday morning.  I usually love Red Eye Flights as I can sleep and be ready to hit the ground running.  This was my first Red Eye with kids along and hopefully my last.  To keep them up way past normal bedtime and put them on an airplane expecting them to sleep is little not smart.  Ok, well a lot not smart.  We  are still recovering from the experience.  Jennifer is beyond tired so I won't even go there.  The kids were so zombie like that after they ate two donuts they still passed out.

We have experienced a great time with my family which always includes amazing food.  The deep south warmly welcomed us back with a heavy dose of humidity.  Not having missed that old friend I am still wishing him to go away.  It is quite an experience to get out of the shower and need another one because you can't stop sweating.

I feel out of sorts though.  I have become so accustomed to life in Northern Cal that I feel out of place.  It is a weird feeling.  I am praying over and with situations that people are facing.  Even in the Red Eye stupor I am clear headed enough to join in praying over some friends who have been called to minister in a tough situation.  I love the fact that so many in this new church plant are taking on the call of God to walk along side of people in need.  We prayed that would happen and it is!  One of our hopes with the new church plant is that it would NOT be dependent upon a Pastor to mandate ministry.  Hopefully we are modeling in our life relational discipleship and others are choosing to live that way.  It will make for a healthy way sharing Christ with the Auburn CA area.

So while I recover from the Red Eye flight, others are ministering in Jesus name back home.  I love it!

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  1. Much love to you, Jennifer and the kids ... We love and miss you.