Saturday, July 16, 2011

the trip

Tomorrow evening we leave California for the three week Griswold family vacation.  How else can you describe a trip that has a family of seven driving across the country with three four year olds, a fourteen year old talker, and a fifteen year old child with autism.  Jennifer is going to video the adventure and I will attempt to market it to a film company.
We begin with a drive to San Francisco and take the Red Eye to visit my family.  Over the course of the trip we will see grandparents, put a floor in Nicole and Chad's house, and speak for the White Station Church's youth camp.  Of course the real adventure begins once we load up in the van my parents have given us and trek from Tennessee to California.  I will go ahead and beg now for all to be in prayer for me and my family.  For me in that I keep a sense of humor and for my family in that they remember God has mandated they have to forgive me.
So over the next week I will try and keep the blog updated with pictures and posts of the grand adventure.  Stay tuned... Clark is taking the family across country again!

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  1. Just stop every 3 hours and let them run off some energy. It will be FINE!! Steve and I have driven from San Diego to Birmingham twice. You can do it......Benedryl can help (heehee).

    Seriously, you are correct in calling it an adventure. Just like life. When you encounter those "tense" situations, remember to look at them from the perspective of watching it as a film that you are watching 10 years from now.