Monday, July 11, 2011

special people

This weekend we got to visit with some dear friends.  Don and Jane Gann as well as Rodney and Alice Higginbotham were in Auburn CA for a few days.  As exciting as it was to see them Friday morning it was equally as sad to see them leave Sunday afternoon.  For eight years the Gann family has been special to Jennifer and I.  Don and Jane are like a second set of parents and their boys are like brothers.  We have walked together through death and new birth.  Each time I am with them I am reminded of the joy of having deep friendships that aren't limited by time and distance.

Rodney and Alice came into our lives six years ago.  My wife Jennifer will tell you Alice is a Spiritual mother to her.  They have prayed some mighty prayers together, cried more than a few tears, and both heard the Holy Spirit calling us to a new ministry.  When we connected with these two couples, Jennifer, Alice and Jane went to a quiet place and spent time praying over each other.  Don, Rodney and I picked up with conversation like we had never been a part.  Oh the comfort and peace of dear friends.  They are traveling out on the coast for the week.  It was amazing and blessed to have them at GCC this past Sunday.  It made GCC feel even more like home!  I hope you have those kind of friends!

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