Sunday, July 3, 2011

there and back

Last night I returned from a quick trip to Alabama to lead my friend Rex England's funeral.  I realize funerals aren't supposed to be fun.  It wasn't fun in the sense that we were all excited to be there.  It was fun in the real sense that we celebrated a man who lived life fully.  I want for my funeral to be a celebration.  I told Jennifer I want music, food, drink, and laughter.  Though we grieved for his passing and for the loss  Valerie and each of us feels, it was a rejoicing over faith and hope and love.  Yesterday as I returned I thought through the impact of funeral that celebrates and a funeral that regrets.  They are worlds apart.

As we gathered this morning with our new church that is still in it's infancy, I was overwhelmed with the season of worship we experienced.   In every way it was healing and refreshing.  We took time to really think through the work of Christ in our lives and connect with God.  I had the biggest smile as we sang "The Stand".  Rex was experiencing on the other side the beauty of what we were proclaiming.  We sang in anticipation.  It was awesome!

By the way, GCC is experiencing an amazing season of worship!  Thank you for all who are bringing hunger and desire for the renown of God.  You are blessing my journey!  I hope you are being filled with the sense of laughter and joy as we encounter God.  I look forward to many more experiences like this morning.  My friend Rex got to worship in midst of the Holy of Holies!  We were pretty close ourselves!

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  1. Your post reminded me of the fact that I've made my teammate Andy promise me that if I die first, he has to figure out how to fit into the funeral service the phrase, "O.K. folks, now let's put the 'fun' in funeral!"