Monday, August 29, 2011

California cook out

Last night was fun.  We hosted GCC for a cookout.  The sight of all those new friends gathered on the lawn was a beautiful picture.  There were new friendships formed among the crowd and of course many others reconnected with people they have seen in a while.  I had a person tell me they got to visit with someone they have seen in over twenty five years.  That alone was a great reason to host the cookout.

As we continue the ministry of this church plant, activities like this will continue to be a focus.  The atmosphere created over good food and welcoming new people into our lives is so rich.  As I moved around and greeted people there was a continuous spirit of laughter and joy.  What a great evening!  We even offered a little southern sampling last night.  Along with burgers and hotdogs, we offered up boiled shrimp and hush puppies... Always good to have a little southern flavor.  I even wore an old tank top with stains for dramatic effect.

Looking forward to the next California cook out!

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