Saturday, August 6, 2011


Oliver Twist dared to do the unspeakable.  He asked for more.  For a child that is hungry and wants to be full, it is really all you can do.  As I sit here in Northern California, surrounded by the wonder of God's creation and the challenges that today brings, I can't help but ask myself what I really want more of.  Deep inside I want to be able to say that I want more of God.  Even saying that I feel like a phony.  After all, if I really want more of God isn't it right there for the asking?  I know the answer to that, I think.  But it is still the question.  Do I really want more of God?  And If I really do, what am I willing to leave behind to receive more?

The whole discussion seems to be a matter of desire.  If I truly desire to more in tune with His will for my life then what does that mean in my daily decisions.  Some will see this and turn away thinking it is a discussion about doing more, or some system of items I just obey.  I would turn away from that as well.  The essence comes down to "being".  I mean by that it is the work of God in my life before I try and do the work of God.  It means being transformed, refined, molded by the love of God in the deep places of my life.  That what I do is an expression of who I am becoming in Christ.  Yes we "do" things for God, but not before He "does" things in us.  Which leads me back to the question of the day.  Do I really want more of God?  Yes.  I want to be more in His presence, His will, and His image.   May today I "be" in the presence of God intentionally so that He can "do" His work in me.

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